Chimney services

Chimneys Built, Repaired and Cleaned

A chimney can offer a certain aesthetic to your home, but it can also become a burden if it is not maintained properly. Dust, soot, and ash can build up inside the firebox of your chimney. Ultimately this can cause various ventilation and safety issues. At Best Chimney, we work to restore the aesthetic properties of your home chimney, and ensure your family is safe from any improper chimney care.

Call a professional to get the job done right. At Best Chimney, we offer various chimney services including the following:

  • Chimney Repair
  • Fireplace Repair
  • Chimney Flashing
  • Chimney Sweep / Chimney Cleaning

Chimney Repair Built and Restored

At Best Chimney, we work tirelessly to ensure that your chimney will last as a long-term protection. It is our goal to provide our customers with affordable, quality, and timely chimney repair services. If your chimney has cracked bricks, we can work to repair or replace faulty brick and cement with the help of one of our expert chimney repair specialists. Whether you’re in need of a total replacement, or just spot treat a few problem areas, we can match the current brickwork with seamless a chimney repair in Taylor, Michigan.

Best Chimney & Roofing Co. specializes in cracked brick repair, holes, water leaks and common chimney repairs. Complete chimney rebuilds done to match your current brick work seamlessly. We do block chimneys also.

Here at Best Chimney, we keep the safety of your family top-of-mind and only provide long-lasting fireplace and maintenance services. Don’t risk anyone’s safety or the structural integrity of your house because of a crumbling chimney. Call Best Chimney and ask for more information about our fireplace repair services. 

Chimney Screens, Hoods, and Chase Covers Installed

What is the importance of a chimney screen or hood? A chimney screen provides various functions when it comes to the safety of your chimney. When your fireplace is lit, larger embers fly around rapidly inside the canal of your chimney. The chimney screen keeps those embers from flowing out the top of your chimney and prevents them from landing on something that could ignite. We provide quality chimney screen installation, and fireplace repair to ensure that an uncontrolled fire does not ignite.

A chimney hood serves a slightly different purpose. The hood of a chimney works to help ventilate and catch any fumes that are being created from your fireplace. The scents, smoke, and fumes are funneled upwards, and out of the chimneys spout. If you’re having issues with the proper ventilation of your fireplace, contact one of our fireplace repair specialists and ensure your safety.

Transversely, a chimney chase cover ensures that no unwanted debris, water, or animals can enter your chimney. Proper installation of a chase cover is very important, and incorrect installation can cause various issues. If your chimney is becoming an access site for critters or moisture, contact one of our excellent fireplace repair specialists in Taylor, Michigan, to make sure that your chase hood is serving its purpose.

If you are looking to properly vent your chimney, or keep the elements and nature out, we can recommend and install the correct screen, hood or chase cover. Call Best Chimney & Roofing Co. today, and keep rain, snow and animals from entering your home.