Screens, Hoods, & Chase Covers

Chase covers are an external top covering for a pre-fab chimney or a brick chimney. There are several choices of materials when selecting a chase cover, but only Stainless Steel or Copper will offer you a Lifetime Warranty.

If you are looking to replace yours, you probably have lightweight aluminum or rusted galvanized steel. The cost difference is minimal between galvanized compared to stainless steel. Also, our stainless steel chase covers have a Lifetime Warranty against rust, corrosion and manufacturers defects. We use and recommend stainless steel for its strength and ability to resist rust. 

Why Do I Need a Quality Chase Cover?

Pre-fab chimneys have a metal covering (chase top) to prevent water from entering the interior of the chimney structure. The original chase top is usually made of an inexpensive galvanized sheet metal, some 1-piece and some several pieces (never acceptable).

Most tops have a low spot that holds water; after a while the metal starts to rust and when water runs off the top during a rain, it carries the rust with it down your beautiful siding, causing a stain that gets bigger over time. You may even hear water dripping on the inside of the chase, a good indication that the top has rusted through.

The rust stains on the outside of a chimney are the first clue, as it can take several months for the metal to pit enough for water to seep through. The time to act is when you first notice rust stains, not when you hear water dripping. The way to fix the problem is to replace your old rusted chase top with a new stainless steel or copper chase covers.


We Custom Fabricate Chimney Covers

Solve your leaking or rusting chimney top problems! A chase cover is used at the top of your chimney or chimney chase surround to keep out rain, snow, critters, and everything else. It fits over the top of the chimney like a shoe box cover fits the top of a shoe box. Many existing chase covers are made of galvanized steel, causing rust stains, leaks and often bigger problems. Best Chimney Company recommends and fabricates custom chase covers made of stainless steel for any chimney shape and size.

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