Concrete Repair Services

Best Chimney & Roofing Company is a contractor offering general concrete repair services to the entire area of Taylor, MI. Since 1962, we have been providing professional and reliable contracting services for a variety of work types. Our trained and certified specialists are here to provide quality construction, cleaning, and repair service you can trust. As the area's chimney expert, we can help you from start to finish with our wide array of services. We are your all-in-one roofing company helping you personalize your home or commercial building at fair rates.

Best Chimney Company specializes in all types of concrete repair. Sometimes the damage done to a concrete slab is too great for our polyurethane system to overcome. In these cases, we can completely replace your concrete.

You can trust our competent concrete specialists to break up and remove your old concrete, and then pour and finish a brand new slab. And best of all, you won’t be surprised by the cost. We’ll send one of our highly trained concrete inspectors to you, and you’ll receive a FREE inspection and estimate before any work is done.


Driveways and Sidewalks in

Your home’s driveway and sidewalk are literally the paths to your life and livelihood. As you enter and exit your home, these spaces serve as reminders of where you have been and where you have yet to go. As you continue to utilize these spaces daily, the concrete slabs that comprise your driveway and sidewalk receive a lot of pressure and weight.

Is your driveway or sidewalk sinking? Maybe you’ve noticed a larger step down when you take a step toward your car, or perhaps your yard hedge is slightly higher than the concrete beside it. With repetitive traffic hitting these surfaces, the sinking will only continue and serve as a hazard or eyesore. With minimally invasive and quick-acting polyurethane foam, your morning commute to work can be worry free, and your landscaping will show the time and love you put into it, without the unsightly sunken or cracked appearance.

Pool Deck and Patio Repair in Taylor Michigan

Pool decks and patio repair serves as one of the most common concrete repair scenarios. Here in Eastern Tennessee, the spring and summer are long and hot. Because swimming pools are large spaces that hold a lot of weight in water, they have higher maintenance demand than many other home accessories.

Concrete surrounding these areas is highly susceptible to cracking or moving. In addition, safety is already an inherent issue, as water surrounding can cause one to slip and fall. With a highly qualified team of concrete specialists trained in exactly these types of repairs, theres no reason to take a chance with unsafe or unsightly pool patio conditions.

Interior Concrete Flooring

Interior concrete flooring is easy to clean, long lasting, and far less susceptible to moisture than other leading floor materials. Finished basements with poured concrete flooring increase home resale value and living space. In other areas of your home, garage, or storage space, concrete flooring is essential.

Best Chimney Company has the means to repair interior flooring discreetly and quickly, allowing you to use your space in mere hours, without interruption. Drilling very small holes and injecting our fast-acting polyurethane foam means that little to no preparation or hassle occurs before, during, or after the repair.

Foundation Repair

In addition to securing the durability of a foundation, having your homes foundation inspected and maintained saves you the costs of dealing with potential water damage. If moisture is able to settle in foundation cracks, the risk of a leaking crawlspace, basement, and even the upper levels of your home, increases.

Inspecting your homes foundation secures the safety of your home. It also saves you the cost of dealing with potential damage, being able to catch problems early on and solve them before cost and damage are heightened.

Poured concrete often serves as the material for a foundation, and it makes perfect sense, considering the sheer strength of the material. If moisture settles in foundation cracks, the risk of a leaking crawlspace, basement, and even the upper levels of your home, increases.

Concrete foundation walls are often the most secure and cost efficient, making them a wise choice for a strong and durable home. We want to ensure that nothing can compromise the strength of your foundation. We have the ultimate in concrete foundation stabilizing methods.